How should I dress my baby under the LOVE TO DREAM SWADDLE UP™?

Overheating has been linked to SIDS so it is very important to ensure your baby does not overheat.
The SWADDLE UP™ has been designed to eliminate multiple layers of wrapping.
The table below provides you with guidelines around how to dress your baby based on the room temperature.

  • Short-sleeve pyjamas
  • Short-sleeve long-leg pyjamas
  • Long-sleeve pyjamas
  • Short-sleeve bodysuit
  • Long-sleeve bodysuit


Please note: It is really important that you take into account all external factors when determining how to dress your baby, including the type of clothing that the baby has on, the baby’s general health and well-being, the temperature of the baby’s bedroom and if this may change throughout the night or day. All these factors may vary in the same way as it does for adults.

The table provided should be used as a guide only & the care needs to use their own discretion when dressing their baby for sleep time.

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